Thursday, December 15, 2011


It has become a tradition of ours to decorate cookies (I wish it was cupcakes, but I'm too anal) for Christmas. This year I let the boys do whatever they wanted. It was nice to just let them have fun and not be the decorating Nazi. Haha. I think Tayden unloaded almost a full bottle of sprinkles on one cookie alone.

I have been meaning to post about this little monster. I think this boy is going through the terrible two's about ohhh six months early. Ha. He is so strong willed and independent. And then so needy all at the same time. Does that even make sense? If you spent like two hours with him you would know exactly what I mean. He is in the phase of wanting to do everything by himself. When I try to help him eat something he will literally take the spoon from me and push my hands off of his bowl. Man he is so feisty. And he is a screamer...still. :) That is not a very good combination at this age. We still love him to pieces though.
On another note, I know his hair looks like a total mullet. But when it is done it is so curly and pretty cute. The problem is that I have to kind of do it. Everyone keeps telling me that I CAN'T cut it cause it's just so for now I will leave it.

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Samantha said...

OH man he sounds just like Joslyn. I firmly believe the terrible 2's really start at 18 months and go until they turn 4...