Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Boys.

This week Tayden had a field trip to the grocery store. It was actually really cute and fun for the kids. They talked about good foods and bad foods and got tons of little snacks along the way. The only bummer of the day was that I realized I was supposed to actually be at jury duty while I was with Tayden. Oh I was so ticked that I forgot to call the night before...of course it was the day they ended up needing me.

Boston had a spring singing program with the second graders at school. It was super cute and fun to see Boston actually sing. He has been doing so good in school and even got a couple above grade level scores on his report card this quarter. Makes a mommy proud. :)
Oh and the other night Boston said the whole bedtime prayer in Spanish without any help. It was pretty special to hear him do it all on his own. Makes for a proud mommy and an especially proud daddy.

On Thursdays I watch Travis and September's kids. Kai and Evy are total trouble together. They used to fight with each other, but now it's more like they see what kind of trouble they can get into together. They love to sneak into the pantry and see what they can get their hands on. This week they pulled two huge family size bags of cereal upstairs and were just snacking away on them. They are SO TROUBLE....lucky they are cute.

Oh and we took Kai's binky this week...should have done it a long time ago, but he just goes down so easily that I couldn't bring myself to do it! He has surprisingly done really well! I guess we are almost totally out of the baby stage with him!


Anna Beal said...

So how did the Jury Duty thing end up working out? I'm so curious.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I'm curious about the jury duty thing too? also did they just snack on the cereal or did they dump it all out? I hope it was just snacking. Your boys are so cute!

Myca said...

I called and they lectured me and then rescheduled it. Basically told me that I can't miss again. And no..thankfully they didn't dump it out!