Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh That Boy.

Before we decided to take the binky from Kai he was already starting to act like he was weaning himself from his naps. We would put him down and he would sit up there quite (because he had his binky) and maybe nap or maybe not, play around, talk a little. Now that we have taken it away he gets so angry when we try to put him down. He will sit in his crib and cry and scream for hours if I let him. It was just so much easier when we let him have that dang binky. Well Jared tried to put him down today and after he left the room the little stinker climbed up and flipped out of his crib like a little ninja and ran straight for the door and made his escape. Jared ran upstairs to find out what the noise was and Kai was standing there with a sad pouty face and tears in his eyes pointing to go downstairs. Man that boy...I think he is our first child to climb out of his crib. And he's not even two yet. I think we are in trouble.

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Sheri said...

Seriously seems like kids get smarter and smarter! And more determined! Tom and I disagreed over the binky thing....I usually waited until naps were done with to take it away just because naps are such a glorious thing. Tom would of taken them away as soon as they turned one. Albany is a thumb sucker so we have no choice. She'll probably still be sucking her thumb in kindergarten. :) Good luck!