Sunday, May 27, 2012

Guess Who's 2?!

Kaias is going to be 2 tomorrow. Man where has the time gone? I still feel like I JUST had him. We have had a really busy few weeks, and I work tomorrow so we thought we would just have a little laid back birthday weekend. We took Kai and my dad who shares the same birthday to Five Guys for burgers and fries on Saturday. Then today since Crystal is leaving we had a little Frogley BBQ for her before I had to go to work...we threw in a little happy birthday singing for Kai. It was nice and low maintenance....and Kai loved it all the same. :)

Kai has been such a little spitfire in our home. As an infant he was an angel child. So easy going and happy. As a toddler he is hilarious. He definitely has two sides to him. He can be so loving and cuddlely, handing out kisses to everyone. OR he can be total rough, in your face, punch you if you get too close. It's hilarious to watch him...and listen to him these days. He NEVER stops talking. I think what we here most is mommy or daddy (followed by whatever he's trying to tell us), don't, ouch, uh-ah, hi, and I want wagua. If you make him mad he will retaliate in the form of biting, punching, slapping, or pulling hair. But only if you make him mad. :) Lately, he has turned into a big taddle tail. If someone hits him or anything like that he comes to us and tells on them. He shows us how they hit him by hitting himself again or pinching himself in the same place and then saying their name or grabbing our hand and pointing them out. Haha I think it's funny. Most of all he loves his big brothers and has no trouble what so ever keeping up with them. We love this boy to pieces!

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