Friday, August 24, 2012

Earl Family Reunion.

We are back from the Earl Reunion and still trying to recover haha. It was a little exhausting going from one family reunion to another without Jared there, but it was totally worth it. I LOVE MY EARL FAMILY. It was so fun to see everyone. Our families are getting bigger by the second. It's so cool to sit back and watch all of our kids (great grand kids) play together. Of course there is always, singing, dancing, performing, competing, laughing, maybe a little crying, and great food. I seriously love my family and it makes me so sad to leave them. So here in list form were my favorite parts. -Watching my boys swim non stop in Grandmas pool. Boston is actually SWIMMING. It is so awesome. They had a race for each kid's age group and they had them swim the length of the pool. I was a little nervous and really unsure if Boston could even swim the length of the entire pool. But he did it! FAST! I was shocked that he could swim that well. I had no idea. He either won or tied for first...I am not quite sure what the results were, but I was so proud of him! Tayden and Kai have become quite the little fishes too. Tayden will swim all over as long as he has floaties, and well Kai...he is dangerous. He doesn't care if he has floaties or not. He will just jump right in. I had to watch him like a hawk. -Going to the temple with most of the adults in the family. It was so special. I wish Jared could have been there. We filled the entire session. -The giant slipinslide down the hill at David and Peggy's. -Cupcake wars. I got to judge with my dad. It was awesome. There was some amazing cupcake entries. -The Amazing Race. My team won! Woot Woot! It was so much fun. -Our family song program. All the songs were hilarious and awesome. Each family rewrote the words to a song from the year our Dad's graduated high school and then we performed them. -Awkward family photos. Totally funny. -Our "why I believe" books with a lot of the family member's testimonies in them. -Seeing my favorite people in the entire girl cousins...and of course my Aunts and Uncles and the rest of the fam. Man I am sure I am forgetting something. Did I mention it was SO AWESOME. haha. I am hoping to get some more pictures from other people so I am sure there will be more to come.

Boys in the pool.
Peach milkshakes after the taco shop.

We ate at bonefish after the temple. This one's for Jared.

Oh the drive there. It was my switch over day and I was pooped. Mom kept me company though and the boys did great.

Oh good morning.

Amazing race. My team. Apparently I need to ditch the white pants because I look HUGE.
And tons more of the swimming pictures. So much fun!

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