Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I have so much to get caught up on but I feel like a crazy person running around with my head cut off. I just got back from my awesome family reunion that I went to with the boys minus Jared because he was still at guard. He called me the day before I was supposed to come home to tell me that he was being deployed up to the fires in Idaho. Yikes. I already have been without him for two weeks and now he could be gone for up to six more weeks. I hope it ends up being like three or four. Needless to say I am a little stressed trying to work, take care of the boys, and get them all ready and geared up for school next week. Sigh...I can do this.


A Bug's Life said...

Sorry Myca. Thats rough. B got sent too, as a paramedic though. Hang in there- daishan

Christy said...

Use me! Kai can just live over here! Spencer loved having a buddy today. And your little parrot is just dang cute, I could watch him all day! Hang in there!

Hailey said...

Man Myca......Ihope its just a short leave!! love you! Miss you guys:)