Friday, November 23, 2012

Catching up.

I feel like things have been so so busy. The holidays are here and are going to fly. Before you know it this baby is going to be here. Yikes. We have been rearranging rooms to get ready for that. I don't know where to even start for her room. Anyway I have a few things to update on so here is what I have from my phone. Kai just being Kai. He is so funny these days. I could sit and watch him forever. He is hilarious to listen to when he talks. He is so animated and funny. I LOVE this stage he is in...even when he is so feisty and naughty.

Boston finally lost his first tooth. I know it seems really late. He is seven and a half! He nursed the tooth FOREVER. So much that the new tooth was almost completely up behind the old one. Haha...Jared traumatized him a little and pulled it out when he wasn't expecting it.
Such a good helper. His new favorite job is doing the dishes! I can't complain one bit. This will really help me in the future.
We finally got out on a date with some of our great friends. It was Toby's birthday so he picked the place. Dinner was pricey but so so good. We love getting out with these guys.

Mom and I got out to see the last Breaking Dawn movie with some girls from the ward. It was so good and I loved this one the best out of all of them! It was fun to go with mom...I think she really needed a day out.

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