Saturday, May 04, 2013

Life In Pictures.

 Daddy reading to the boys. Makes a mommy very very happy. And my boys just love it.
 This little girl is trying so hard to laugh and talk. I love her so so much. Below is on one of those days she was being a little diva...wouldn't let me put her down.

 Waiting for Boston to get out of school and really enjoying the nice warm sun. We love going on walks.

 Such a tired baby. Jared was barking in her face and she still wouldn't wake up....or even flinch. It was pretty funny.
 This was the day after this little man kept me up all night, but Demry actually slept through the night. Such an injustice. hahaha Glad he got a nap.
 How in the world is this boy so tan already and this was taken on the 1st of May. It is so crazy to me. He has great skin...I think Demry got it too. Lucky kids.
 So excited to have Mandi here to visit for the weekend. I love her so much. I wish we lived closer.


Krystin Davies said...

Hahah... My husband barks at our baby too. So funny.
We still live in Caldwell, and I'm still wondering why we have never gotten together!
Krystin davies

Kacey Nielsen said...

There are several pictures of Demry that remind me of Brooklyn Earl. Is it just me? Might just be a captured moment picture phenomenon but I've thought it more than once.

Myca said...

Kacey it's funny you say that because I have more than once thought that brooklyn looks like I did at certain times ages in my life. So I could totally see why you could see that.
And Krystin I had NO idea you were still in Caldwell! What the heck!? We need to get together!

Krystin Davies said...

Yeah! What's your schedule like in the next couple weeks? Let's make it happen. I work thursday, Friday, saturdays, but am good any other time. My number is still the same... 509_361_9693

Myca said...

Oh Krystin I go back to work this weekend and I work Sunday, Monday, Tuesdays graveyards! Talk about horrible scheduling between the two of us! Let me get back into the swing of things and we will see if we can somehow figure out a time to get together! Here is my number too so you have it. 208-371-9360