Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Demry 2 Months.

I took Demry in for her two month check up today. Here's her stats.
Weight: 10lbs 8oz 22%
 Height: 23 inches 72%
So she started out at birth as my biggest baby and now at this 2 month point is the smallest of  them all. When they weighed her I was really happy to see ten and half pounds. I thought that was great. My doctor on the other hand was not as excited. He said it was good, but that she had dropped way down on the growth charts from where she was at and because of that he thinks I need to start supplementing. He told me that because of my previous experience with nursing and what he sees now that he thinks that I produced enough in the very beginning but then my milk just doesn't keep up. I am still only barely pumping three ounces total (on a good day and that's not right after she has eaten) when I pump and by the time she is four months she will probably be eating twice that amount. Bummer. I asked him if I could start working out again and he gave me the go ahead but with caution. He doesn't want me to cut calories or do too much cardio. Basically he doesn't want me to try to lose weight too fast because he thinks that will effect my milk as well. So I guess I will just start supplementing even though I don't think she really needs it....or maybe I won't? I am just trying do my best to nurse as long as I can.  I wish in hind sight I would have asked him if he thinks supplementing is REALLY necessary because I feel like she's doing good. Hmm. As far as working out goes I am planning on starting a program with Jared. It involves lots of weight lifting and healthy/clean eating. I think as long as I am eating enough then I should be ok. I just don't want to make my milk production worse.
 Ok on to Demry...the main point of this post! She is a sweet little thing. She is smiling a ton and cooing. She eats very often throughout the day and she still loves to be swaddled to sleep. She has started to figure out sleeping through the night in the last week or so. She will eat at like ten and then sleep till five or six. She isn't totally consistent yet but I will take it! When she is awake she likes to be in the mix where she can see everyone. which means she wants to be propped up by everyone, or she wants you to carry her around haha. She loves it when you sit and talk to her. She is a really happy baby. She has rolled over twice from her stomach to her back already! Her eyes are still not sure what color they want to be. Some days they look really blue. Some days they look really brown, and other days they look gray. I think they will end up being hazel like mine or Kai's.
 Ok here are some pictures I took yesterday on her actual 2 month birthday. So on top of it right? Haha.

                            Except these last two were taken a few days ago.

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Kacey Nielsen said...

She is so super cute!

I totally think you should go with your gut on the nursing/supplementing thing. You will know if she is hungry and if she seems happy and satisfied then stick with it! But I would be careful with the diet, not just thinking about calories, sometimes they need the extra fat and good creaminess of naughty foods. Two cents given. :)