Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sick Babies.

Demry has been sick for the last week. I took her in on Wednesday and they told me it was just a virus and it will have to run it's course. It stinks cause I can't giver her anything. She has a productive cough and sounds like she is just drowning on her own snot. I have been suctioning her nose like crazy. Her fever is finally gone, but she hasn't been sleeping at all. I think mainly because she can't breath. Now Kai has it. Between the two of them we have been getting ZERO sleep. Kai has wet the bed four or five times this week...twice in one night. And he has been getting up to pee, and get a drink, and now because he does not feel good. I am ready for this crap to pass so we can have some happy kids and get some sleep. 

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