Tuesday, August 06, 2013

It's Official.

Demry has totally weaned herself. The last couple of weeks she really started fighting me when it came to nursing. I still offered it to her every time she was hungry, but she began to take it less and less, to the point where she wouldn't even latch on and try. She would cry and arch her back and get so mad. Some times I would try and trick her with the binky or bottle and as she would go for it I would get her to latch onto to me instead...haha. But she got smart and that wouldn't even work. Last week when I pumped at work I didn't even get enough to bag it. I'm talking less than an ounce probably. So we are done. It's ok. I am really proud of myself that we lasted five months. That's way longer than I expected her to nurse. So now I will just have to look at the bright side....FREEDOM. I look forward to not having to wake up every two hours during the day when I have worked a 12 hour graveyard shift and I am trying to just get some dang sleep. That makes me happy.  

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Kacey Nielsen said...

Look at that happy healthy baby girl! You did a fantastic job. It is a huge accomplishment to continue to nurse for five months with a schedule like yours. You TOTALLY deserve some uninterrupted sleep!