Saturday, August 10, 2013

Boston's Baptism July 27th.

It was so amazing to watch my oldest child turn 8 and make the choice to get baptized. They normally do baptismsas a stake in our area. Which means on the day your child gets baptized it's usually with several other kids and families. Luckily for us because Jared normally has guard on the first weekend of the month when they do the baptisms they let us do ours seperately on our own date. It made it so much more personal and special I think. My dad spoke on Baptism and Jared's dad spoke on the holy ghost. Jared did a wonderful job baptizing Boston. Boston really wanted him to do it in Spanish but because we had no one there to be a witness for it in Spanish (Ryan was gone) he had to do it in English, but the Bishop set aside some time for Jared to give his testimony in Spanish for him. When he set Boston apart it was so special and the spirit was so strong. He mentioned that he really felt like some of our family members who were not with us on this Earth were there in spirit to support Boston (I instantly thought of my Grandpa, and Jared  told me after that he really felt his Grandma Carlyn was there). We are so proud of Boston.

 Phone pictures and cameral pictures. They are pretty much the same but whatever.

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