Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Grandpa Bergquist couldn't stop talking about what a funny boy Kai is. He told me he is a special spirit and that he was sad that he wouldn't see him grow up and become an adult. It made me sad to think about that. So I decided I better write down some of the funny things that Kai has said recently. He really is so animated, outgoing, and funny. He isn't afraid of anything. He is a social bug and loves being around people.

1. With a flashlight on and up to his face he said to me "hey mom," he puts the light up to his face with a serious look, "bunce upon a time, there was a dwagon, " putting his free hand up like a claw. Then he paused and dropped his hands. "are you scared mom? It's just a stowey."

2. "Mom baby sister spit up!" "Don't be mad at her mom she's just a baby..."

3.Up at the cabin some of the men were making noise outside like a wolf to scare the kids. Kai came running up to me and said, "mom there's a big bad wolf outside. You wanna go see it? It's kinda scawy, but I yike it! "

4. At the cabin he was walking around with his arms out like a Zombie and he walked up to one of the pregnant cousins and said, " I A Zombie, I Eat Yo Baby" in a zombie voice.

5. He asked me for a glass of water the other day and said, "mom I want it cold, not warm..." when I handed it to him he said, "oh yeah that's what I'm talkin about...that's the good stuff..."

6. I was in the bathroom putting on my make-up and he was chatting up a storm and playing with my make-up and I was actually getting really annoyed when he leaned over from the counter top and grabbed my face and said, "wow, mom your eyes are so gween."

That's all I can think of right now...

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