Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Busy Weekend.

We had a really busy weekend. Thursday night started out with a surprise party for my good friend Natalie. Her husband had rented out a theater and we all dressed up super crazy and fun. When they arrived the lights were down and she thought they were just going to sit down and watch the movie. Then the lights flickered on and the harlem shake came on and we all jumped up and started dancing like crazy. It was so fun! Her husband also put a little video of pictures together for her. It was so sweet and a really awesome 30th birthday party for her.

Friday night we had a mustache party for Brent for is 60th. It was a fun night. We did it at the church building so the kids just ran around and played. Kai wasn't feeling well that night and he literally zonked out on the floor, but other than that it was good to see some of the family. We don't get together nearly as much as we used to.

Saturday we got up and went to soccer games. Boston scored a goal for the first time ever! It was pretty sweet. Tayden scored two goals in his game. My little soccer studs. After the games we met up with Frogley's again and Linder farms pumpkin patch. That place is ridiculously expensive to let your kids go on any of the rides, but I tried to focus on the fact that they were building memories. haha. Both older boys rode a mechanical bull. Tayden actually got a little freaked and got right off. We enjoyed some amazing mini homemade doughnuts. mmmm. Then we all came back to our place for soups and scones. It was again another fun night. The kids play so well together and I love being able to sit and talk all night with my sister in laws. Then Sunday we had a yummy roast dinner for Brent's actual  birthday. My kids were in heaven getting to play with their cousins so much. It was a great weekend. These pictures are totally out of order and I am not going to even pretend to care.

Kai does what he wants. Like all the time. Here he is peeing on the "pokies" after I told him to go pee inside. Nice.
Seven months old! This is absolutely crazy to me.

Demry never falls asleep with someone holding her...if she does it's usually a fight. But Becky is the baby whisperer. Seriously.
Kai can NEVER leave Demry alone. He loves to torment her. Really. This lasted about two seconds and then he was back to his usual buggin.

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