Monday, October 21, 2013

Date Nights What?!

We had such a fun weekend. We made plans forever ago to go out to dinner and to the haunted world with Mike and Natalie and Tom and Alisha. We literally get together like once every six months. But it is always worth the wait. We have so much fun with these guys. Dinner was great and then we made our way over to the haunted world. I hate (but kinda love) those kind of places. I screamed like a little girl the entire time. And I swear all the creeps and monsters are like drawn to me in there. I try and act cool like I am not scared, but I swear they still seek me out. And then I freak. And run. And scream. hahaha I am sure it was entertaining for everyone around. We grabbed some ice cream afterwards. Then the next day some friends of ours who are BSU season ticket holders brought us their tickets because they weren't going to be able to make it to the game. I told Jared there was no way we could pay for a sitter two nights in a row and I wasn't going to ask my parents cause I feel like they are always watching kids. But my dad caught wind of the fact that we had gotten tickets and weren't going and he practically forced us to bring him the kids and go. :) It was really fun to just be with Jared and joke around and watch the game. It kinda felt like high school to me. Going to Football games always kinda has that feeling. I don't think we had been to a game in person since we were dating. I loved it. That's all. Life is good. Oh and there is some random pictures of Demry in there too...just because she's really cute.

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David Earl said...

This is Peggy...So glad you guys got to go! Your kids are growing up so fast and they are so cute!!