Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Demry is Nine Months!

Where do I start. Nine months have flown by. Here are the stats for this miss.
 Weight 20lbs 79% Heigh 29 inches 90% So basically she is really tall and getting pretty chubby.
And when I took her in for her appointment she totally had an ear infection. MOM FAIL.  It's so hard to tell when babies are sick versus teething. Sigh...I just took her in 3 weeks ago and her ears were clear. Whatever. ANYWAY....We love every little inch of this girl.
She sprouted two teeth literally over night the week after Thanksgiving. I swear she went to bed and I hadn't seen or felt any teeth and then the next morning she was playing with a spoon and I heard them scraping on the spoon. It was so funny. You can also see in some of these pictures her first real injury. She hit her head on the metal banister of the stairs. I was sitting with her looking at the Christmas lights and she twisted so fast to reach for them and fell right into the metal part before I could grab her. I felt so bad.
Ok onto the fun stuff. This girl has totally found her voice. She talks and yells all day long. She loves to say Dadada the most. She really likes to be where everyone is. If you leave her sitting by herself or walk out of the room she totally starts to cry. Can we say Diva?? As long as someone is around and paying attention to her she is happy haha. She likes to eat real (baby) food and still loves her formula as well. She is trying so so hard to crawl. She gets up on her hands and knees all the time and rocks and scoots, but still can't really get it yet. She wants to be moving so bad. She HATES it when Jared yells. Like seriously she will cover her ears every time he does it. There is a picture in here of her doing it. Her eyes look really brown now and not so much hazel anymore. But they are a light brown...not dark like Boston and Tayden's. She really is a happy baby. We love this girl so much and couldn't imagine not having her sweet little spirit in our home.

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