Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Thanksgiving Week.

We had a really nice thanksgiving. We spent it with my family this year even though it was supposed to be with Frogley's. We did that because we knew that Corbin and Kelsie would be in town for Thanksgiving and then gone for Christmas, and Brandon and Alysha were going to be gone for Christmas. So we decided to try and switch it so we could all get on the same year. It worked out the same on the Frogley side as well. I am sure it was super weird for Brent and Becky because they had NO ONE here this year for Thanksgiving. That was a first for them. Anyway Corbin and Kelsie got into town on Wednesday and we all went as a family to help clean out and organize my parents storage unit. Then my dad treated us all to Smash burger for our hard work. :) I love that place. I cannot resist a burger from there. Thursday we hosted Thanksgiving at our house. It was so relaxed and really enjoyable. We had really good food and then hung around and visited. Then later that day some of us girls went black Friday shopping (even though it was Thursday...crazy to me) and got a few things and then headed home. Friday all of the couples saw Catching Fire and then really the rest of the weekend was just hanging out. I really enjoyed the time with my family and having my kids home. I love the holidays.

Here we are in our food coma after Thanksgiving. Kai kept telling us to take a rest with him. Haha.
We put up Christmas lights for the first time ever. We feel so festive. I love it.
One of the mornings during the break I was in the garage working out and Boston and the boys were out there. Boston was running his own little crossfit gym and "testing" Tayden. It was pretty funny.
This cute picture I found while we were cleaning out the storage unit. We have like NO baby pictures or really any pictures of us growing up so when we happen to find some I love it!

Here we are at the movie. We were pressed for time so ended up grabbing Carl's Jr on the way there instead of eating some where really good. Because Jared was driving I had to sneak his entire meal and soda into the movie. Yeah I did it. haha.

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