Monday, January 06, 2014

Happy New Year.

We spent New Year's eve at our house with a HUGE group of people...mostly consisting of Frogley's. It was pretty chill other than all the crazy children running around. The kids were wired.  I was really tired because it was my switch over day. It turned out to be a good night thought. We literally spent the next four days bumming around at home. I don't think my kids got out of their pajamas once. It was so nice really. I caught up on house work. Enjoyed having nothing to do, and then Saturday we took the kids out to see Frozen as a last hurrah before going back to school. It was a really nice break. We really weren't ready to go back to school haha. This year has been a really good year. Although we have faced some of our most difficult and unexpected trials we have also experienced some of our greatest answers to prayers and blessings.I really have felt the Savior's love for me and my family. We are so blessed. I really look forward to making this year even better. I want to be better. I want my family to be better. We have a lot of goals set for ourselves to make that happen. Oh...and Jared got called into the young men's presidency. He is the first counselor and is so excited about the calling. I think he will do great. 

 The boys not ready to go back to school. They were so so tired. Poor babies. :)  And speaking of babies mine is officially crawling. Like real crawling. I don't think any of my boys ever really crawled. She has been trying to get it down for a good month now. Watch out she is all over the place. Oh and she's sick again too....or she never really got better. On another antibiotic. Boo.

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