Sunday, January 26, 2014

The happenings. January...

It has been a super busy month. Demry is almost 11 months now. She is crawling all over the place and trying really hard to walk. She pulls herself up onto everthing. It is so fun to see her getting around, but this also makes it really hard for me to get anything done. I have been working out a ton, but this is hard to do with Demry so I tried sticking her in a laundry basket with a bunch of toys one morning. Haha it lasted about 20 minutes and then she was ticked. She quickly figured out how to stand herself up and was trying to climb out. I guess I will have to try and figure something else out. Hahaha. The other pictures of her are from when she turned 10 months at the beginning of the month. We need to lower her crib because she is constantly standing up and sticking one leg up like she is going to try and climb out. I had September try and teach me how to cut Jared's hair because they are moving to Kansas for a year for school, and with Jared's new job he needs a haircut like every two weeks. So I decided to try and practice on the boys. It was REALLY hard. Boston ended up with a buzzed head haha, but the other boys looked ok. I am definitely going to need some more practice. Jared is busy busy with his new calling of 1st counselor in the Young men's presidency, but he loves it. The boys LOVE him and every week someone new comes to me at church and tells me what an amazing job Jared is doing. I love to hear that. I just called to be the enrichment cooridinator. Um...I have no idea what I am doing so I hope someone can show me the ropes. I am excited to be able to work and serve. Life is good.

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