Thursday, March 13, 2014

Demry is ONE!!

I can't believe it has already been a year since this sweet girl was born. I waited until today to do her post because she had her one year check up today and wouldn't you know it she has ANOTHER double ear infection. No wonder she has been so miserable. So she is back on another antibiotic and if this one doesn't take care of it we will have to do tubes. She was 21 lbs and 31 inches tall (69% weight, 95% height). And I have no idea what those are for percentiles because the Dr apt. was a total whirlwind of me trying to keep Demry happy and restraining myself from strangling Kai. Seriously that boy makes it so impossible for me to go anywhere. I don't know why they call it the terrible two' is definitely the terrible three's or four's haha who knows he is almost four. Anyway enough about Kai the little monster. Back to Demry. Demry is such a happy and sweet girl (when she's not sick). She sleeps great. She loves her binky and puts herself right to sleep. She is still taking two naps but I think she is trying to ditch her first nap of the day. She will eat pretty much anything I give her. She loves food and everything is "mmmmmm....Hmmmmm" while she is eating. She totally hums. It's so cute. She loves her brothers (except for Kai sometimes because he loves to torment her) and she especially has a special bond with Tayden. She just lights up whenever she see him. She really loves Boston though too. He is such a good helper and big brother to her. Pretty soon he will be babysitting her like a champ I am sure of it. She is still crawling as her main means to get around but only because she is so fast. She can totally walk and does it when she feels like it haha. She is into everything. UNLIKE my boys. The total opposite of what I would expect but I think it is mainly because she crawled and my boys never did. So I am having to baby proof stuff that I never had to with the boys. Plus she is way more determined than my boys were. She wants what she wants and she will get it. Her eyes have changed and are looking more and more brown everyday, but not super dark like Boston's, more like a lighter brown, or hazel. Who knows. Her hair is really coming in and it's DARK and seems to have some curl to it. She loves to clap and will do it on demand and she is starting to dance. I LOVE it. She just learned how to play peek a boo this week and if you say, "where's Demry?" she will cover her face and wait for you to pull her hands down. She usually is a daddy's girl, but in the last couple weeks (maybe because she has been sick) she has only wanted me. Ha I will take it. We love Demry so much and couldn't imagine our family without her. I am excited to see how her little person she will become. 


Christy said...

I never in 10 million years would have guessed after "surfer baby kai" that you would end up with a baby girl with DARK hair! Im dying over her cuteness. Crazy thats its already been a year!

Kacey Nielsen said...

Such a doll! it is pretty crazy how dark her hair is, whoda thought?! Can't wait to see your kids again soon!

Kristy said...

I had to get tubes in my ears when I was a baby. I'm told I was much happier afterwards.