Monday, April 28, 2014


We had the most wonderful time in Playa....and three weeks later I am finally posting my million pictures. haha. My internet has been down and super messed up so here it is. We had been planning this trip since before our 10th anniversary. We really wanted to do something special. Then our anniversary rolled around and I was pregnant and totally didn't want to go on this kind of trip feeling big and not cute. haha silly I know. So it ended up being closer to our 12th anniversary. Gave us plenty of time to save up. We decided on an all inclusive resort and it did not disappoint. It was BEAUTIFUL. The layout of the resort was amazing. The rooms were nice. The food was good. The beach was gorgeous and just perfect. We spent a lot of time relaxing, talking, eating, people watching, and walking the beach. Most days we would get up and head down to breakfast (best breakfast buffet ever) and sit and eat. Then we would make our way out to the beach and spend most of the morning in the sand and in the ocean. Then we would make our way up to the pool, have some lunch, maybe walk to the shops to check things out and then head to our rooms to relax and clean up for dinner. In the evening when we were finished with dinner or waiting for our reservation they had a live band playing every night out in the courtyard that you could sit and listen to, or dance. Then when they were done there was also some sort of "show" or entertainment. We met this really sweet couple in their 50's one day by the pool and spent hours visiting with them and then met up with them later that night to visit some more before they left. We took a full day and went snorkling with the sea turtles, rappeling, ziplining, and snorkling through the underground river/caves. It was AMAZING. We also took a day and went to Tulum. We had so much fun with Collin and Mandi. They were a blast to travel with and totally chill just like us. We LAUGHED a lot. And even though I never wanted to leave...we really missed our kids and were so happy to see them when we got back. Anyway here is a TON of pictures...all out of order and I am sure I am missing some.

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