Sunday, June 01, 2014

Memorial Day...More Like Week.

The week leading up to Memorial day was a little crazy. Tayden turned up really sick out of no where. It just hit him one night and I knew it wasn't just a cold. The next morning I looked in his throat and KNEW he had strep. I took him in and sure enough. Luckily though once he had some antibiotics in him he was feeling pretty good really fast. I am glad I didn't wait a couple days like I normally do. That weekend all of our Frogley family came into town for Chase's homecoming. It was like a party for days. We spent evenings in the park enjoying the weather, ate tons of food, stayed up late visiting, and ran ourselves and the kids completely out. It was so fun...other than the SEVEN straight days of NONSTOP diarrhea that Demry had. Seriously I have no idea how a child can poop that much. Her bum was raw. She would poop in the middle of the night, wake up poopy. I think I lost track one day after she had pooped 12 times by 3:00 in the afternoon. I called the Dr. but they said even if it was something serious it would just have to run it's course. I think it is finally starting to's been 8 days now. Anyway...Memorial day bled into Kai's birthday and my 30TH birthday. I had lunch with several of my friends from my ward, and then Jared suprised me with dinner with a bunch of family and friends. I had no idea. He totally spoiled me. Maybe being 30 isn't so bad. haha. Speaking of which...the picture of me in the garage I just had to post. I am finally back to lifting and working out (still with some limitations) but the lighting in my garage is apparently amazing haha. Seriously, I know my arms don't look like that in real life, but something about the lighting combined with my reflection in the car window was magic. And everyone keeps telling me it's all downhill from here, so I figure I better document any time my arms look like I've made progress! haha. So here are lots of pictures from the week (excluding Kai's birthday). There's lots of pictures of Demry because I am obsessed with her. haha and I think it's funny that she always has a football or light saber in her hand. I had to get a picture. Does she have any chance of being girly with three brothers??

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