Monday, June 02, 2014

Kaias Jay is 4!!!

Oh Kaias...where do I begin. This boy is CRAZY. He is such a mini Jared it is scary. He is always the life of the party. He is funny, outgoing, social, sneaky, mischievious, rough, tough...and at the same time he has this sweet little soft side and tender heart. Just like his dad. A little rough exterior with a sweet soft inside. I think this boy has challeneged me more than any of my other boys. He is so so smart and determined and he knows what he wants. He is stubborn as all get out and won't give up on anything without a fight. He isn't scared of ANYTHING. Whenever he comes to me with a complaint about someone being mean or not including him I will tell him to tell them that they have to be nice and include him and he always says, "and I can beat them up?" haha. I hope that all these traits will serve him well as he grows into a man. Kai loves to watch cartoons in the morning and is so not a breakfast person. I am lucky if I can get him to drink carnation. He would eat 12 granola bars a day if I would let him. He loves peanut butter and jelly, quesadillas, SODA (we've created a monster), chips with melted cheese, pasta, ramen, yogurt, applesauce, and any kind of sweets. AND he loves butter. I have caught him more than once sneaking it by the HANDFUL and licking it from his fingers like frosting. So gross. It is a daily FIGHT to get him to put clothes on and keep them on. I am lucky if I can get him to wear his shirt for half of the day. The majority of the time he runs around shirtless in shorts. He thinks pants don't fit right and are too long because they go to his ankles and not his knees like shorts haha. We never can find his shoes because he never leaves those on either and takes them off in random places and leaves them. It drives me insane because it always equates to me searching for 15 minutes for kai's shoes with everyone waiting in the car. He makes it impossible for me to go to the store and run errands unless I have him, and him alone. If you add any other children to the mix he becomes my worst nightmare. WORST. NIGHTMARE. I don't know how many times I have abandoned my full cart because of him and taken him straight home and put him into his room for time out....and for his safety because I was on the verge of strangling him. :) He is super smart and says stuff that I think he must have learned from his older brothers. The other day Tayden was telling me something Kai had done and Kai chimed in like he was a 13 year old and said, "Tayden stop talking, stop talking. Mom listen to me, look at my eyes, I am telling the truth and Tayden is lying." I about died laughing. It's also so funny when he comes in and impersonates his OLDER brothers whining about something. The voice he does is hilarious. And He tells the funniest stories...that are totally made up. Just when I think he couldn't get any more rough and tumble he suprises me and does something really sweet like taking my face in his tiny hands and whispering to me really quietly, "mom you're so beautiful. You're my best mom." Melt. My. Heart. I love this boy. For his birthday we celebrated with all the family on Memorial day, and then on his real birthday we let him pick what he wanted to do. He chose to go to Maverick and get his own fountain soda and treat. Haha easy to please. Then we went to the dollar store and let him pick out a few toys with his brothers and he chose pizza for dinner. He told me it was the best birthday ever. We love this boy to death. I couldn't imagine our family without him.

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Kacey Nielsen said...

So good looking that one! That personality and that face... only spells trouble. I wish you luck