Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Little Bit of June.

Jared left the beginning of June and was gone for almost ten days. He missed his birthday and didn't get back till late on Father's day! Totally sucky. But we tried to make sure he had lots of gifts and surprises waiting for him when he got back . The week he was gone was definitely a rough one for Kai. He split his lip on Tayden's head one day. The cut was deep enough that our friend who's a doctor said if it didn't stop bleeding or look like it was going to close I needed to take him in. I gave it a while and finally decided to take him in. I took him to the urgent care in my Dr's office and they said he needed stitches and that they couldn't do it there. So they sent us to the ER. The dr. there said he probably could use a couple stitches, but that he would probably have to put him out to do it. He thought it would heal on it's own and that it probably wasn't worth the trouble so they sent us home. Then the night Jared got home Kai was climbing on the bed extender from his truck and fell back off of it and it fell on top of him landing on his face. I'm pretty sure he broke his nose. The pictures don't even do it justice. His face looks so bad.
We went to the aquarium one day during the week to celebrate the first week of summer. 
For Jared's birthday I took him out to a new restaurant called the counter. It's a burger place and it was SO GOOD. Then we went and saw 22 jump street. The movie was pretty funny. I think that's all...the last two pictures are just because Boston and Demry are twinners.

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