Saturday, July 05, 2014

Crazy Summer.

I can't believe June has already blown by. Gosh it has gone so fast. We had a crazy two weeks with tons of family and friends in town. But before everyone got here Jared slept out on the tramp with the boys because they had been begging him for weeks. I don't think they got much sleep. The boys are lucky they have such a cool dad. There was no way I was sleeping out there. haha. After that weekend, dad went and got Collin and Mandi's kids because Mandi was having a spinal fusion and would be down for a while. So we spent a full week with them and Ryan and Nena's kids basically every day. We went on a hike, swam at eagle island at least three times, stayed up late, and ran the kids into the ground. The kids had so much fun. Then Liz came up with her kids the last part of the week and into the following week. So the party just continued on into the next week. We did all the same stuff. Although we managed to sneak some family pictures in, and Liz and I got one good work out in together. By the time they all left we were pooped. In a good way :). The kids had so much fun. Liz brought shirts for all the kids to wear on Canada day and my kids have literally worn them for 4 days straight. I had to force them to take them off for our 4th of July. haha.The three random pictures of Demry are of her very first full cute. Her with a sucker. My dad totally got her hooked on suckers the week we had all the kids here and that's all she wanted. Pick my battles right?  And then one of her when I was feeding her. She kept sticking her binky in her mouth between bites of food. That girl loves her binky. haha.




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