Friday, July 11, 2014

Boston Turns NINE!!

I am feeling a little sad today because it's Boston's birthday and he's not here to celebrate with us. We were supposed to be up at our family reunion at Willow flats that always falls on his birthday, but Jared ended up having to be here for guard, and then Kai's surgery came into play. So it just wasn't in the cards for us to go this year. But then Jared's parents and Brandon and Jenny offered to take the older boys with them because they knew how sad their kids and mine would be if they couldn't go. When I asked Boston if he wanted to go up without us he was STOKED. Even when I told him it would be on his birthday he said he would rather go then stay home. Haha. At least I know he is having a good time. We will definitely celebrate when he gets back.
What can I say about this boy? I am so proud of the little man he is growing up to be. He is really learning to take responsibility on and is stepping up to things that are challenging for him. He is becoming so mature in all the right aspects of his life, but still has this innocence and naivety to him that I love and want him to keep as long as he can. He is so much like me at that age it scares me a little. I can see when he lacks patience or when he gets something set in his mind and just can't let it go. But I am realizing that the more I see that in him, the easier it has become to talk him through things and be a little more patient with him because I SEE ME. It pulls at my heart strings. I feel for him because I remember being and feeling that way. So I try to just remember the way I felt at his age when I really wanted something or was having a hard time with something and I feel like I can be there for him more instead of totally losing my patience. It's kind of amazing. He has become an avid reader and LOVES Harry Potter. I am so glad he has found a series that has just drawn him in. He likes to read and wants to do it every day. It totally beats trying to force your kids to read (like we have in the past). He is becoming more adventurous in the foods that he likes and will try. Of course his favorites are still tacos, cereal, pasta, Chik Fil A, and bagles. He's smart and becoming more and more athletic every day. I think he's going to be good at every sport he tries. He's just one of those kids. He is such a good brother and plays so well with Demry. He can be a little whiny at times and I have to remind him that he's the OLDEST, but ultimately he HATES to disappoint people...especially me and Jared. He has a tender heart and is always kind to people. We love this boy so much. Happy birthday sweet Boston!

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