Thursday, July 10, 2014

Please Don't Call CPS.

It has been a rough couple weeks for the Frogley kids. I am sure people who got a good look at Kai AND Demry are wondering what the heck we did to our kids. Just a couple short weeks after Kai's split lip and broken nose I mentioned that Demry went head first into the pond. She ended up with some lovely road rash. Well just two days after that she fell down the ENTIRE FLIGHT OF STAIRS. It was like a mother's worst nightmare before my eyes. She was playing upstairs with the boys and we had the stairs blocked, but she some how pushed the barricade down and she went with it. Jared and I both heard it happening and ran to the stairs, but she hit the floor right as Jared made it to the stairs. She instantly had a huge goose egg on her head and a rug burn by her eye. It was so sad. The first picture was within the first few minutes of it happening. I swear pictures don't ever really do it justice.

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