Thursday, July 10, 2014

Nose Surgery.

Today was guys surgery for his nose. Honestly, I went back and forth about having the surgery basically since all the swelling and bruising had gone down in his nose over a week ago. His nose was looking really straight and I just was questioning if he really needed it or if it was necessary. I spoke with one of the radiologists that I work with and he totally made the decision easy for me. He said that even though it looks straight on the outside there could be so much going on on the inside and he still has a lot of time to grow into his face. He said it could cause breathing problems, headaches, sinusitis, pain, and a whole bunch of other crap that I didn't want to think about him going through. So even though I thought his nose was looking good I felt confident in our decision to go ahead with it. So you can understand why I was a little annoyed when the dr. this morning basically said we didn't HAVE to do the surgery when he saw how good his nose looked from the outside. I am an indecisive person already...then you give me a doctor that seems a bit wishy washy and I could go crazy. I want a doctor that is just going to say YES absolutely he needs this or NO he doesn't. We talked through it and AGAIN decided to go ahead with the surgery. AND I AM SO GLAD WE DID. When the doctor brought him back to me after the surgery he told me he was so glad that we decided to do it because his septum was very displaced and deviated. He said he wasn't expecting it to be that bad. But he was able to reduce it back into place and he thinks everything should heal up very nicely. Thank goodness. Kai did awesome. He was such a sweet little boy this morning when I had to pull him out of bed so early without any chocolate milk to head to the "hopsital". He was calm and cooperative and everyone kept commenting on how awesome he did for only being 4. He did pretty good coming out of the anesthesia too. He cried a little bit at first and kept reaching for the cast on his nose and saying, "oh my nose hurts mommy." But it was really only a few minutes of that and then he was pretty much himself. I took him to pick out a movie, treat, and fountain soda and he was all smiles. What a good boy he was.

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