Thursday, September 04, 2014

Demry Update!

Man I can't believe this girl is already 18 months old. It is insane how fast time goes. She has become quite the sassy little girl. She wants what she wants, and everything is on her terms. Haha. She is girlie in that she loves shoes, hats, bags, any kind of accessories really. It is so cute to see what she finds and puts on each day. She is talking more and more and some of the main things she says are, eat, stop it, no, yeah, hi, daddy, mommy(this one took her FOREVER to say...I think it was on purpose), Tayden, Kai, Mida (spanish for look), amo (love you spanish) binky, pizza, soda, and just this week she has said a few complete sentences like, "daddy top (stop) it," "drop it" (like I dropped it, "I no wan it" ( I don't want it". It is crazy how much she is talking all of the sudden. And she came and specifically told me she wanted her binky when she was whining and fussing at me. I finally asked her what she wanted and she yelled at me "dinky!" Haha it was awesome. 
She is OBSESSED with her binky. She is a dream to put down because of it though. Her crib is covered with binkies all over it. She likes to have one in her mouth and then she sticks her fingers in the others so she has two three on her fingers as well. When she wakes up in the middle of the night she just finds one and sticks it back in her mouth. I never have a clue when she actually wakes up in the morning because she doesn't make a sound. She keeps her binky in her mouth and plays with the other ones. It's pretty awesome. She is going to be a hard one to break, but I totally don't care at the moment.
She's a great eater and will eat ANYTHING I put in front of her. She is COMPLETELY different from my boys in that way. And I LOVE it. She is making it really hard these days to get my workouts in and done because she just wants to be up in my business. And the second I try and finish with any kind of cardio (on a machine) she FREAKS. So I usually end up trying to finish with her in my arms.
These are just random pictures of her accessories. haha.

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