Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Loving Fall.

Oh how I am loving everything about fall. The weather is cooling down just a bit and it has been so nice to spend the cooler evenings out in the front while the boys shoot hoops and Demry RUNS free. She loves it outside, and I have to be careful now because she is an escape artist and has figured out how to open the doors. Soccer is coming to an end and I am looking forward to having a little more free time on the weekends and during the week with the kids. Anyway loads and loads of pictures.

This cute little girl...just because she is cute haha.

We went for our first mountain biking date a few weekends ago. We went with some "new" friends haha and it was so much fun. And let me say REALLY HARD. I would love to do this more often with Jared. I am hoping it is something that becomes a little easier the more you do it cause seriously the uphill stuff kicked my butt. Oh but the downhill was so pretty, and like a reward for all your hard work. haha.  We went to dinner afterwards.
  Demry found one of Jared's shirts and was obsessed with it. I think it felt really similar to the blankets she sleeps with. Anyway she carried it around for a while before I finally put it on her. She was so funny. She kept laying down on the floor and snuggling it. She wouldn't let me take it off her that night so she just slept in it.

I should get some good mom points because Kai had a fieldtrip to the pumpkin patch for preschool and technically I didn't have to go, AND it was my switch over day so I was really really tired....BUT I took him to it. And he loved it. Oh and ps...we will be going like two more times so I REALLY didn't need to go. Points right?? haha
Demry loves messing with the camera on my phone. We took some selfies this day and then she took the camera herself and was taking pictures. I love the one she took herself. It's like half of her face and me smiling in the background. So cute.

We got free tickets to the BSU game. It was fun and chill. Football games always remind me of high school cause that was  like the social event every week in Moses in turn I always feel young going to football games. Kinda funny.

We have been making a serious effort to be better about family home evening. We decided one night to dip our own caramel apples and then used that as a lesson on building or putting on our spiritual armor or our armor of god. The kids loved it and the apples turned out to be really fun and yummy.

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