Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Second surgery.

The second surgery for Jared's hand went well. The doctor told us that he had no idea what he would be working with because the stitches he put in on the tendon are really hard to tear. So he didn't know if Jared had ruptured the tendon in a different place or what. The good news is that when he opened up his had the tendon was still intact, but the stitching he had done the first time had been pulled so tight (he used the analogy of pulling your shoelaces really tight) that it had completely cut off the circulation to the entire tendon. There was no blood flow at all and that's why it felt like it had been re-torn. So he basically had to undo all the stitching and redo it again. He is hopeful that he will have a full recovery, but to be extra cautious he is having jared wear a crazy cast that keeps his finger in a very specific position and then there's constant tension when he tries to move it. It's all part of his physical therapy. He has to move it in the in the sling 20 times an hour. Anyway, here's to a new finger and hopefully no more accidents! I forgot to mention that in the middle of all the truck and finger craziness, there was an accident with one of the apache's out at Jared's unit that killed two pilots that were very close friends of his. It was really really sad. And then a week later, Chris Stonehocker (the person who I lived with when I moved to Boise and the reason I met Jared) died because of an unknown cyst he had in his brain. He started getting headaches one week, and then the next week he was gone. We were able to go to his funeral. It was a really good service. I am still a bit in shock over it. November has been an incredibly trying month to say the least.

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Kacey Nielsen said...

Wow! That is a lot of sad to pile into one month. Don't know what to say other than I hope December is a whole lot better. Lots of love!