Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Tayden Turns Seven!

So Tayden's actual birthday was on Thanksgiving this year, but we decided to celebrate it a couple days early. He chose to go to cafe rio for dinner because he loves their quesadillas, and then we went and saw Big Hero 6. What a cute movie. Tayden is such a sweet boy. He can be so funny, goofy, hyper, and crazy, but when it comes time to listen and be obedient he is a total rule follower. In church and in school. His teachers are always telling me how respectful he is and how he always wants to do the right thing. I LOVE that about him. He has really gained some confidence in the last year and I can see how he is turning into a leader. He still loves to play with his brothers, and he loves Demry. They have a cute little bond. He is my only child that every single day when I see him off to school he tells me he loves me and tells me to have a good day. Did I mention he is so sweet? We love this boys so much!

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