Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Demry is 2!!

Honestly, I can't believe Demry is two already.I feel like the time has just flown by. I am feeling a little bit guilty that I didn't take  "real" pictures of her, but seriously I feel like things are so busy and I know she would HATE it. She won't hold still for anything and she never wants to look at the camera. I think it would be a total fight. So I guess that is how it goes for child number four...does that make me a bad mom? I feel like a really bad mom. Haha. Maybe I will muster up the energy to do it here soon.
Ok onto the fun stuff. This little spicy girl is talking like crazy. She knows what she wants and she's not afraid to yell at you until you do it haha. She still loves her binkies and has to have at least 4 with her when she goes to bed, but we have done a pretty good job of just keeping them to bed time. Unless she happens to find one and then there is no taking it from her. She is a really good sleeper and still takes great naps without a fight. She is by far my BEST eater. She will eat anything. I love it. She is a complete Daddy's girl. If he's home she really wants nothing to do with me. She won't let me do things for her like change her diaper, get her dressed, or get her something she wants. It has to be Jared. It's kinda a win for me haha. Just kidding. Sometimes it makes me sad that she wants to sit and snuggle with him and not me. Pshh. She loves to sing and when she hears any kind of music (especially at church) she will just start to sing her own words really loud over the music. She is starting to try and pray by herself. It's so cute because she does it in Spanish because we always have the boys pray in Spanish. So when we say it's time to pray she will fold her arms and close her eyes and really quickly say, "paday cessall" which is Padre Celestial (Heavenly Father). It makes me laugh every time. She likes the bath, but really loves the shower. She would stay in there for hours and always gets so ticked when I take her out. She's so opinionated about what she wears all of  the sudden. But I will continue to force whatever cute girlishness I can on her haha.  She has like 4 girl toys in the house that she wants to carry around and constantly have by her side at all times. I think it's time to get her some more. We got her a shopping cart for her birthday that she now sticks all her girl toys in and pushes it around all day. She loves it. She loves her brothers and loves to play with them. Especially outside. Summer is going to be hard to keep her in. She loves to color and is a total leftie. The coloring must be a girl thing because none of my boys liked to color EVER. Like not until they actually knew how to draw. But she loves it and is constantly asking me to color. I love to see her cute little hand holding the crayon. She loves shoes and is a shoe thief. If anyone ever leaves their shoes out they end up in some random place because she will put them on and walk around in them.
We love this sweet and spicy little crazy girl. I am so grateful to have her in our lives. She's kinda the best.
 **Edit** So I lucked out a few days after this post cause my neighbor needed a cute little chubby baby to model some headbands for her fashion blog. So I ended up with just a few ADORABLE pictures of Demry. Totally counts as taking "real" pictures right? I'm counting it. Ha.

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Hailey said...

she's getting so big, and cute, and smart!!!!!
miss you guys!!!