Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I took Demry in for her 2 year check up and shots and Kai in for his kinder shots. They both did really great. Kai literally nervous laughed and giggle through his shots. He said they were tickling him. Now this gives a little insight to the type of kid he is. He's not afraid of anything and has such a high pain tolerance. Disciplining him sometimes just really doesn't work cause he just laughs. Little stinker. Boston was in a special 4th and 5th grade choir this semester. I was really proud of him. He had to get up early and be to school early for practice. He never missed. They had a little concert and it was so fun to go and watch him sing. I hope he keeps up with it. Jared and I both love music and I would love for our kids to as well. Oh and the last picture is Jared wanting to document how tall Boston is getting. He really is growing up so fast. The other pictures of Demry are of the cute outfit Jared's parents got her for her birthday. She kept looking at her shirt and saying, "I pitty." So funny.

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