Saturday, April 04, 2015

Spring Break.

For the first time ever we decided to take the kids on a trip for spring break. Heidi and Tyler have been begging us to come visit them in Arizona basically since they moved there. It was time. haha. I was a little nervous because Kai got sick a few days before we were supposed to leave and he was REALLY SICK. He couldn't even keeps sips of water down. By the time friday came and we were loading up in the car he still really wasn't himself at all, but he wasn't barfing or really eating either. Two hours into our trip we missed our exit and had no idea how far the next exit was. So we looked for a clear path to turn around. As we made the cross over a cop came flying down out of no where with his lights on. When he pulled us over he told us that crossing through the center median was a MISDEMEANOR, not just a traffic violation, and that he would be giving Jared a ticket. What?? It wasn't even marked for emergency vehicles only or anything like that. I was sick. I just had to put it out of my mind or it would ruin the trip for me.
 We drove to Vegas and stayed with Grandma and Grandpa. It is always so nice to stay with them cause we get so much time and attention from them. We got to see all the family on Saturday which was really fun. We met up with everyone at Uncle Bryce's house and made pizzas. It was really chill. The first part of the day I was still so worried about Kai because he had thrown up again and wasn't really responding to anything. I was so close to taking him to the it was kinda hard to enjoy all the family. I was finally able to get him to keep some sips of gatorade down and by the end of the evening he had a little to eat and didn't throw up. He finally started to turn a corner. Sunday we got up and made the rest of the drive to Arizona. It was seriously a lot of driving. Like 15 or 16 hours total to get there. The kids did really well in the car. I was especially surprised by Demry because she won't watch movies or anything so she just had to sit and hang out. She did pretty good till the last hour or two and then she was so done.
We spent the week with Heidi and Tyler and Mandi met up with us as well. It was fun to just hang out, go swimming, and eat. We went to a couple good restaurants and the guys took the older kids to a major league spring training game. I think they thought it was really cool, but they weren't prepared for the heat. We had like 85-90 degree weather the whole time. We also went to the phoenix children's museum and then an awesome Easter program at the temple. Of course the kid's favorite thing was being able to swim. It's always the simplest, or cheapest things that please them the most. On the drive home we went through Utah so we could make the longest part of the trip first. We stopped and stayed the night at Nathan and Hailey's which was just a little extra bonus of the trip. That night Corbin and Kelsie came over so I could meet cute little Kowen.  I was so glad I got to see them.  Overall it was a great trip. I think the kids had a good time. Even though the drive was really really long and kind of exhausting I think it was worth it. And I have decided when you travel like that with all your kids it just never going to be relaxing and restful. And you are always going to spend more than you anticipate. I came home so dead and wanting a couple days to recover haha. But it made me smile the next week when Boston said the best thing he's ever done was go to Arizona for spring  break.

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