Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April Update.

April has been busy mostly with SOCCER. I have a love hate relationship with Spring soccer. Sometimes it's kinda warm, but for the most part the games are always freezing, wet, and windy.We have all three boys in soccer this season so basically our Saturdays are spent at the field pretty much all day. Jared is coaching this year and the boys are loving it. Kai is pretty hilarious to watch. He's really more concerned about pushing other players that bug him or get in his way than about getting the ball. He's such a bruiser. haha.
Boston got braces on his bottom teeth this month. It seems crazy that they are starting this young. I tried to hold off as long as I could but he had a permanent tooth that was in the craziest place and would not move into the spot it was supposed to be. I think I gave it a good year. Anyway, they are going to move his bottom teeth where they need to be and then we will just wait and see how the next couple years go to see if he will need a full set. I am crossing my fingers that he won't, but it seems that he has inherited my horrible teeth genes.
This last weekend I ditched the family to go support one of my girl friends in her first body building competition. It was really fun and I am glad I went. The drive was super long with really curvy mountain roads so on the way there we had to stop like 4 times  because poor Jenny (my pregnant sister in law) kept getting car sick and barfing. The drive was 8 hours there. Then we spent pretty much all day Saturday sitting at the competition, and then Sundy we drove back. So...pretty much it felt like a whole lotta sitting. haha. Jenna did great and took 4th place. She looked amazing and pretty much got robbed. She should have done a different category to be honest. I am glad I got to go see a competition in person. It was actually really enlightening for me. Anyway, the other fun thing about it was that Sandra (Chase's soon to be mother in law) drove up with us and she competed as well. So it was really nice to get to know her more.
The best thing about the trip was that I came home to a sweet early Mother's day surprise. Jared knew he was going to be gone for military training the weekend of Mother's day so he planned ahead and got me new pots and pans and a hanging rack. I love it. He also had dinner all planned and ready for that night. I love him so much. I am pretty lucky to have him.

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