Saturday, June 13, 2015

My Life.

I feel like it has come to the time that I needed to make my blog private. We have had so many huge and amazing (and not so amazing) things happening to us that I know I need to write them down. I want my children to be able to look back and read about not only all the fun things we did, but about all the amazing and important life changing things that have brought us to where we are. And I don't think everyone needs to be able to read that. So in an effort to make this a little more of a journal we are going private.
Ok so where do I start? Last March right when Demry turned one we decided that we were ready for one more (and our last) baby. I went and had my IUD taken out and just knew it would happen right away. It always did before. I have never had any trouble getting pregnant ever. But then a month went by. Then two, four, six. I was starting to get a little worried and kinda frustrated. So we went in to see our dr. She had us do some basic fertility testing. My stuff came back normal and so did Jared's
. So I begged her to let us start the next step which would be clomid. I knew I would get pregnant right away. The first month I did, but then I miscarried super early. Like two days after I got a positive test. I was so devastated. I remember praying and begging that it would be ok and that I wasn't having a miscarriage. But then Jared gave me a blessing and I knew it wasn't what I wanted to hear. I felt comfort and peace, but it still wasn't what I wanted. The blessing basically said that my body was doing what it was supposed to do and that everything would happen in the Lord's time. I was so sad. We went to the temple and I remember specifically praying about being able to have another baby and the feeling that I got was that it was going to happen just not any time soon (or in my time frame). I guess the Lord was trying to teach me that I needed to have patience and that I am not in charge. Then another month went by. And another. And another. Until it had finally been 13 months since we started trying and I had gone through my 5th round of clomid. The doctor was only going to let me do 6 rounds before we had to move onto bigger steps. I was positive after the 5th round that I WASN'T pregnant. I had just come to terms with it. So I schedule an appointment with the fertility clinic for my HSG (a test I had to have done before my last round of clomid) and then I just wait for my period to start. And I waited. And waited. And it never started. I was so shocked! I WAS PREGNANT! FINALLY! I remember being so surprised and really thinking, "ok what was so different this month than the last 13??" Haha. The same week we found out I was pregnant we also found out that Jared was moving onto the last phase of hiring for a position as a federal investigator with the Postal Inspectors. This was a huge deal for us. Since Jared lost his job with the Police department it feels like it has just been one rejection after another. He would go through one lengthy hiring process after another and make it SO FAR and it would seem so promising, just for the door to be closed. The CIA, FBI, Nampa Police, Ada County, Meridian, Postal inspectors. The process for this job had been YEARS in the making and it finally felt like this was our time...his time! We went through months of testing, and waiting. We felt like that Lord's hand had been in this entire process guiding us to this point. So we really felt like it was right! The timing with the pregnancy and the job just seemed perfect. So then we went to the temple again right before I was supposed to have my first ultrasound (8weeks) and Jared was supposed to leave for Maryland for the last phase of testing and hiring. We both had a really calm and peaceful feeling about the job and we really felt like everything was going to fall into place. Jared leaned over to me in the temple and said, "I don't want to scare you, but I have had the strongest impression twice since we've been in here that we need to prepare for two babies. I think we're having twins." I thought he was totally crazy and there was no way. The next day when we went to the ultrasound sure enough THERE WAS TWO BABIES. I have never felt so many emotions at once. Jared was so excited but I just could not stop saying, "oh my gosh..." The ultrasound tech said it was the best reaction to twins she had ever gotten haha. Then I went from shocked, to laughing, to sick, to crying, back to shock. At this point they think they might be identical because they only saw one sac. Which would be even crazier because that would mean the clomid didn't even cause the twins! I still feel like I am processing it all.
And now the pressure (for me at least) was even stronger for Jared to get the job because I felt like there was no way I could go back to work after having twins with 6 kids. I just knew that he was going to get the job and that everything would make sense. The pregnancy, twins, the job, my was all going to come together and the timing had been perfect. To Be Continue....
From Jared's point of view.
We had gone to the temple specifically concerning the job interview that I had the next week. We were chosen to be the witness couple and so we were the first ones into the endowment room. We sat and waited and waited. It seemed like forever. I kept looking at my watch, getting annoyed that it was taking so long to get started. I turned my watch over and said a little prayer that I would have patience and learn something new in this session that I haven't before. As I was sitting there quietly waiting, the spirit whispered to me that we were going to have another baby. I thought it was funny and basically brushed it off thinking there was no way I would tell Myca that right now. We had both decided that this was our last baby.  I could break the news to her that we were supposed to have another after we have THIS one. We went through the entire session and as I prepared to step through the vail a very clear voice as if someone was standing right next to me said, "Jared you are going to have twins and you need to tell Myca now." I turned to look to see who was standing next to me and saw no one but the officiator. It was such a strong prompting I knew without a doubt we were going to have twins.    

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Samantha said...

Yes. I love this story. I love reading it after you both had told me it even. I felt the exact same way when I found out I was having twins. It was one of the craziest moments of my life.