Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Job.

Jared started moving through the hiring process (for the 2nd time) for the Postal Inspector job last summer when he took the first test. For the last year when I would pray about this job and career move for him I would pray that IF IT WAS THE BEST MOVE FOR OUR FAMILY that he would get the job and we would have a smooth transition to wherever it would take us. And if he didn't that we would feel peace that it wasn't the right place for us and that he would be able to promote and progress in his current job. For the first time ever  (up until I found out I was having twins) I didn't feel like he NEEDED this job. His job in the military has been such a huge blessing for our family. The benefits are so awesome. He get's plenty of time off with an awesome schedule. He has time for our kids and their sports and more importantly time for his church callings. And he makes good money with my combined income. Even though he feels like it is a really easy job and he's not really challenged or progressing he still really likes it and the people he works with. But then I found out I was having twins and it just seemed liked it made sense that he would FINALLY move onto a bigger and better job. It felt like this was the best move for our family. So on Monday this week he made his way to Maryland for the last phase of testing. We were already talking about when he would be in the academy and where he might end up. It felt like it was a done deal. And I had unwavering faith that he would get the job. I prayed the last week that he would get it and I told the Lord that I knew he had the power to make that happen. The second day was the full day of testing. By the end of the day Jared would get a letter either offering him a polygraph (which would mean he basically had the job) or telling him that he would not move on. He said the entire day he really felt like the spirit was with him. He felt very calm and confident. He felt like he answered everything to the best of his ability and he wouldn't have changed anything about the way he had answered his questions or presented himself. He was the oldest candidate by at least 6 years. He was the only candidate that spoke a second language, had prior law enforement, and that was a veteran with military experience. During one of the group mock investigations he took the lead in the investigation and said that everyone in the group responded really positively to him and looked to him as a leader. He also did awesome in his physical exam. At the end of the day all the candidates were given their letters and they all sat down together to open them. Even up until that point Jared was positive that he would be moving on. When he opened the letter and read that he would NOT be moving on he was SHOCKED.  But what was even funnier was that the other candidates were more shocked. At one point one of the girls wanted to rally for him and go talk to the instructors. They couldn't believe that he hadn't made it through. Jared said he stood up and had a really calm peaceful feeling. Two girls, and one guy made it and Jared and two others did not. The guy that made it through was currently a driver for a congressman, but prior to that had worked for Busch gardens as the hippo groundsman for 7 years. He had no law enforcement, no language, and no military. So Confusing. Which says to me that the only explanation can be that this is not where the Lord wants Jared or our family.
When 3 pm our time  hit and I hadn't heard from Jared I knew something was wrong because they were two hours ahead and I knew they were supposed to finish around 4. I was so anxious all day and I began to think that maybe he hadn't made it through. I called him and called  him until he finally picked up. He told me he was on his way to the airport  and that he was coming home early because he hadn't made it through. I was heartbroken and devasted. I was SO CONFUSED. How did he not make it through? I had so many questions but he really didn't want to talk. So we hung up and I cried. I cried all night. I cried until my head hurt and I had no more tears. I didn't understand how the Lord would lead us to this point AGAIN and then slam the door shut. I picked Jared up at the airport that night at midnight and stay up talking until 1:30 in the morning. I cried some more while he remained calm. I just couldn't believe it.

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