Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer Fun Begins.

Our summer festivities started off right away. Mandi came into town for a few days and then we headed up to Moses Lake for a little Tom Earl family reuion. It was really fun to have us all together. The kids swam and completely wore themselves out. We also went to Kylie's wedding reception. Overall it was a really nice weekend. We came back and I worked one night and then Jared left for the week for his 50 mile hike with the young men. So it was me and Mandi all week long with all our kids plus Beckham and Hendrix. It was exhausting to be honest, but the kids had so much fun. We swam pretty much every day over at Ryan and Nena's house. One day the kids could tell we were really beat and so they did a little in home spa for me and Mandi. It was actually really nice to get a little massage from them all and to have my hair played with. It was a great week, but by the end of it I was ready to ditch the kids and sleep for three days straight haha. I was just really tired and pregnant of course haha.

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