Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Little Scare.

We had another ultrasound yesterday to look at the babies. This ultrasound was the big one where they check for any major defects or abnormalities. We discovered that baby A has a two vessel/single artery umbilical cord. This can be a little scary because it can mean that there are defects with the heart or kidneys, growth delays, or even be an indicator for down syndrome. When the tech told me all of this my heart sank. No one wants to ever hear that there might be something wrong with their baby. She finished up the ultrasound and then the specialist came in to talk with us. She told us that this isn't very common in single pregnancies (1%), but it's a little more common in multiples ( like 5%). She said it just means that they will have to watch baby A even closer than before and they may have to do an echo on her heart in the future. The good news is that everything on the ultrasound that day looked perfect. Her heart looked good. Her kidneys were great and her growth was perfectly matched up with baby B's which is what we want to see. So the dr. told us at this point she isn't concerned about the umbilical cord. Phew. I hope that means that everything will be ok!

We had ano

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