Thursday, March 17, 2016

Demry is 3!

Demry is three! I always say that it should be called the terrible three's not the terrible two's and this girl is proving my theory correct just a little bit haha. She is so sweet and so spicy. She wants you to help then she wants to do it all by herself. She can be very hot and cold. BUT we love this girl so so much. She says some of the funniest things and is so smart. She loves all the girlie frilly things, but loves to run outside and wrestle and get dirty with the boys. Whenever we leave her she needs kisses on her head, forehead, nose, and mouth. Her bed time routine takes FOREVER because she loves to stall as much as possible. She loves candy and treats, but is one of my only children that will actually eat lots and lots of fruits and veggies too. For her birthday I decided it was the perfect time to take her out alone on a date. I have been waiting to finally have a daughter and for her to be old enough to take out. We went to get our nails painted because she had been asking me to do it for weeks, but it was just too crazy with the babies. So we did that and it wasn't nearly as fun as I thought it would be haha. I think she is still a little too young for that. But then we went to run a couple errands and went and ate at chick fil a. She loved the one on one time. Brent and Becky came by later and we opened presents and had cake. She got twins baby dolls from Grandma and Grandpa and she loves them! We love this girl so much. I couldn't image our home without her.