Friday, June 03, 2016

Birthday Time.

Kai turned 6 on Saturday the 28th and the twins turned 5 months. Kai is such a mini replica of Jared it is scary. NOt only in looks but one hundred percent in personality. I think he is the most like Jared of any of our children. He is SO FUNNY. He loves to make people laugh and he loves attention. He is rough and tough and not afraid of anything, but also one of the most loving, tender hearted little boys I know. He loves to be snuggled and loved on. He is by far our pickiest eater and won't eat anything that resembles a fruit, vegetable, name it. Basically if it's not cereal, toast, rice, crackers, cheese, yogurt, peanut butter, french fries, or granola bars he won't eat it. I am not even kidding. Ok I take that back. He will eat, pizza, tacos, chicken nuggets, and applesauce, but that is as adventurous as he gets with food. haha. He is super smart but has to be pushed to do things because he is a little lazy. He wants people to do things for him even though he is totally capable. WE are working on it. ;). We love this little toe head hazel eyed boy so much and our family just wouldn't be the same without him. I turned 32 on the 1st and I had a wonderful day. Initially Jared had tried to surprise me with a trip to go to Seattle and spend the weekend with Kristen (sans kids). I totally freaked out and started crying. I just have really been struggling with anxiety and feeling like I can manage everything and it totally stressed me out to even think about leaving. I know...totally not a normal reaction. My poor husband. So he promptly returned the airline tickets (thankfully they let him) and instead on my birthday he took me out to dinner and to a couple stores. We came home and put the kids and twins to bed, left Boston to "babysit" and then went back out to a late movie with some friends. It was the perfect day. I think the best gift of all was that the twins were SO HAPPY that day and took the best naps they have ever taken. Like 2 hours long. It wasn't at the same time, but I didn't even care. It made me so happy. haha.

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