Friday, May 27, 2016

I See the Light.

I feel like after 5 really long hard months I am finally starting to see a little light at the end of the tunnel. The girls are sleeping better at night...mainly because I am letting them cry a lot, but they are figuring it out. The days are still rough and I don't want to jinx it,but I feel like in the last 5 days or so their sleeping during the day is slowly improving. Which means they are a little bit more happy and content during the day. They are funny about eating though. They both want to be swaddle and held. By me...and only me. haha It makes for some tricky feeding times. Or one crying baby all the time. Boo. They can sit really well in the bumbos now and their saucers so I feel like things are over all improving. I feel a little bit of the fog lifting and it makes me happy.
 They were seen by a pediatric plastic surgeon because they both have developed really bad flat spots on one side of their head and it's affecting the symmetry in their faces. The dr. said he didn't think that they needed helmets at this point but basically said to do everything to keep them off their head. Hold them, put them in the saucers, bumbos, whatever we can do. We have kept them off their heads for three weeks and I hope that it's helping. It's had to tell if they are improving or not. I know that they both really favor sleeping on the one side (hence the problem) and there's nothing I can do about that except put memory foam under their sheets which I did. Anyway I really hope that their heads shape out ok and that their faces improve. The dr. told me that basically the damage is done in their faces, but that as their head shape improves and they grow into their faces (and grow hair) that we probably won't even notice it. Finger's crossed!
Oh and the twins eyes are looking SO blue and green. I hope they stay, but I remember Kai's looking a lot like that and they are hazel now haha.

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