Monday, August 15, 2016

Earl Family reunion 2016

We had the best time up at our Earl family reunion. It was in Albion ID which was really nice for us because it wasn't very far. We stayed at the coolest reunion retreat type place and it was so awesome because everyone could stay basically in the same house. For the first time in YEARS we had our entire immediate family there. We were able to take family pictures and it was really nice to have Ryan and Nena there. It seriously made my heart happy.  The kids ran free outside with a pool, bounce house, bikes and tons of things to do. We had yummy food and great entertainment. The tributes we did to Grandma were so awesome even though we botched ours just a little haha. I was bummed because had we done it perfect it would have been awesome! Oh well haha. We had the most epic dance party. We took lots of pictures and I left feeling more in love with my family if that's even possible.
Visiting late at night
Soccer game

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