Friday, July 22, 2016

The Golden Birthday!

Boston is 11. It is so crazy to me that he is one year away from holding the priesthood. His actually birthday was while we were up at bear lake. We celebrated with a money cake made by grandpa and grandma and then he got to spend the day playing with cousins. We planned a party for when we got home to have some friends over in the evening for ice cream and capture the flag. It was craziness with so many boys running around, but Boston said he had the best birthday ever. I am glad because he sure does deserve it. Boston has grown up into this amazing little man. He is responsible and reliable and we expect so much of him. He rarely disappoints us.  He is funny, and witty, and so smart. I love that he is my buddy these days. I feel like I can joke with him and he totally gets stuff that his younger siblings don't get just because of age. It's funny how one day it was like he was more of my best friend than my baby. It has been the best to watch him grow up. I think he is one of my greatest accomplishments. I love this boy with all my heart.

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