Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bear Lake Reunion.

We decided with the immediate Frogley family that we were going to try and start our own family reunion. This year we decided to do it up at a cabin we rented at Bear Lake. I was undecided for a while about going because Jared was going to be AT and wouldn't be able to come. I was kinda waiting to see how the trip to Nauvoo went to really decide if I could handle the drive and trip with all the kids by myself. After Nauvoo I felt really good about giving it a go and I really didn't want to miss out on this reunion. I LOVE my Frogley family and I knew the kids would be so disappointed to miss out. My dad drove me to logan and the kids did great. I stopped and we all ate which was crazy and then we loaded up to go the rest of the way to Bear Lake. The twins cried the entire hour the rest of the way haha. We had such a good time eating, playing, laughing, visiting. I love all my sisters so much. They are truly my best friends. My kids love all their cousins. We had some cooler weather, but it really didn't phase anyone. The first day the kids played while we waited for it to warm up and then we headed to the beach in the late afternoon. That night we celebrated Boston's birthday with a money cake. He loved it. The next day we got up right away and packed up to go to the lake. We had rented a big water trampoline and jet skis. Even though it was really sunny, it was pretty cold and windy that day which stunk but none of the kids seemed to care which was nice. We spent the entire day there. It was so fun even with crabby tired babies and trouble getting warm at times haha. I packed up that night so that I could get up early when the twins woke and leave right away. I was a little nervous when an hour into the drive (after coming down the windy canyon road) Boston got car sick and started barfing! Tayden started to get sick as well so I had all the three kids in the back turn off the dvd and sleep. They were out instantly and slept for 3 hours. They were so exhausted from all the fun. Boston felt better after he barfed and did such a good job with the twins. He fed them and they slept and there was really only a little crying off and on. We made it home in awesome time (5 hours) without stopping once! I was so happy and proud of myself!

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