Monday, August 29, 2016

Twins Turn 8 Months.

I can't believe the twins are 8 months already. They have gone through a hellish couple of months getting their teeth and it has been really hard. Just when I felt like the fog was starting to lift around 6 months it all turned again and started to feel like I was drowning again. They aren't taking great naps still during the day and it makes me just want to cry some days because they are just so sad and so tired.
Aside from the terrible napping they are starting to hit a really fun age. Irie is really vocal and yelling and jabbering all the time. She is still the more finicky one, but she will also cuddle more. Indie is trying so hard to be mobile. She gets closer to the crawling position every day. She is way more easy going (and patient) than Irie, but she definitely doesn't like to cuddle haha. It is interesting to see the differences in their personalities.
They are so chubby and loving real food. They still don't love baby food,but they will kind of take it.
The other day I heard a bunch of screaming coming from the kitchen and I realized it was because I left the girls side by side in their highchairs and Irie kept stealing all of Indies snacks and she as getting so mad. So I turned them facing each other and they were so happy just eating and jabbering away at each other.

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