Saturday, June 13, 2009

Movie Night.

Jared was at work tonight...thanks to his new wacky schedule he works Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday....pretty sucky huh? So I decided that the boys and I would have a movie night. We went and got popcorn and chocolate milk, and rented Igor. Overall I think movie night was a success.
We set up some pillows and blankets on the floor to get nice and comfy.
I tried desperately to get a picture of all three of us together to document the night, but my efforts were thwarted by my too crazy monkeys. Tayden would not sit still....then I quickly realized that every picture I would take Boston would make a new weird or crazy face....and then I was concentrating so hard on trying to get us all in the picture that I kept making some crazy faces myself.

Such as this lovely the flared nostril's a good one for me. Why am I posting this one anyway?
Tayden didn't care about anything but the popcorn.


deatherages said...

I flair my nostrils too when I concentrate... interesting! You are so cute with your boys!

Mandi said...

Ok, you look SO much like mom in that middle one. Miss you...hope to see you this/next week...