Thursday, May 10, 2012

Family Time.

Alysha and Brandon were planning on blessing Broden this last weekend. Collin and Mandi decided last minute to make the drip to Idaho since they probably won't make it this summer. I am so glad they did! It is always so much fun to have all of the siblings together and for all the cousins to get to play! We had Grandma Earl here and Corbin too! I wasn't ready for everyone to leave! After this week I told myself that I HAVE to be better about taking more pictures. I hardly even got my camera out. So hopefully I will get some pictures of the kids from Mandi. I did manage to take a few random pictures of the adults with my phone mind you, while we were all just hangin around and the one night we went out without the kids. It was SO fun. We had dinner at Goodwood and saw Avengers. These are all totally out of order, but I don't really care. Ha.
I guess my husband wasn't amused. We waited in line for an hour or longer to get a good seat at the movie.

Apparently my husband couldn't take a normal picture that night. :)

The kids were obsessed with drawing stuff on their face.

haha Brandon creepin.

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