Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Man I am so behind on blogging. I am just to pooped at the moment to get caught up. We have been busy has heck and traveling back to back. It has been really fun, but so exhausting. A couple weekends ago I knew that my parents and Corbin and his new girl friend Kelsie were going to be going to Denver to see Collin and Mandi. I have been wanting forever to get down there to see them since they always make it here. Alysha had just a few buddy passes left, and Jared was able to work out his schedule (never happens) and we were both able to make a quick trip down to Denver for the weekend. Originally it was going to be just me and Jared was going to watch the boys and work, but when we found out his schedule and realized he could probably come September offered to watch the kids for us. Yay! Alysha and Brandon also ended up coming last minute and it was really fun to just hang out with some of my favorite people.We went to Garden of the Gods one day and then to the outlet mall the other. Other than that we sat around and watched the olympics and totally vegged out. It was great.

This is before we left. I had Travis and Septembers kids for the day before we had to go. In order for us to work out all the details of getting kids to where they needed to be Jenny stepped in and saved the day. She came to our house with her kids and watched ALL the kids until September got off work. She was a lifesaver. I LOVE this Evy girl.
Yay we made it on the plane...I think it was a 2 hour delay. So stupid! But fun to be with my man.

The first day we went to the Garden of the Gods. It was pretty and fun to just walk around and relax.
Hm....what is my husband doing in this picture?? I swear....He can't take a normal picture unless I force him ;)

Mandi...Oh Mandi. I miss this girl so much. We need to live in the SAME STINKIN PLACE!

Corbin shot these next few photos of us. I am retarded in all of them. haha Mandi looks great. :)

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